Solarflex Conduit Systems

SolarFlex is estimated to reduce labour time by up to 20%

Pre-wired solar conduit systems proven to reduce time and wastage. SolarFlex is a revolutionary solution exclusively designed and produced by PV Connections.

This pre-wired flexible conduit system removes the need to manually feed cables, enabling fast and easy solar installations. Safe, fully compliant and selfextinguishing, SolarFlex reduces installation time by up to 20%.
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Why Installers & Retailers choose Solarflex

  • Fast, easy installation
  • Made in Italy to the highest European standards
  • Fully certified and compliant with all regulations
  • UV Resistant for enhanced durability
  • Heavy duty and flexible
  • Self-extinguishing
  • High-ingress protection – IP67-rated fittings
  • Comes in 30m & 60m reels to reduce wastage.
  • Pre-wired conduit eliminates the need for manual feeding

Download a copy of our Corporate Profile, Trade Catalogue and Solarflex Brochure.

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